Friday, January 15, 2010

R-E-M-I-S-S-I-O-N and Christmas

FINALLY! Dave is in remission!! I feel like our celebration is a bit tainted because they believe that Dave has some sort of auto immune disorder that they can't seem to diagnose. It could be nothing, it could be serious, and it would be nice if we knew what it was!! :)

His hair is also starting to come back :) He is getting some hair on his face and his head is starting to feel a bit picky :) We have been meaning to go do some pictures of him, maybe the rain will let up this weekend and we can do that! :)

Also, I never posted any pictures from any of our Holiday activities. They weren't as excited as we wanted them to be because we almost thought that Dave was going to be getting chemo over Christmas. Santa called after he heard the news and said that he would come and do an early drop off :) So nice of him!! :) Here are some pictures from some of our festivities in a new video slideshow feature that I use with my photography :)

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  1. Great grandma Minnie would be so proud. I'll bet Dave's hair comes back dark and usually curley for a while anyway.News sounds good but we will keep you ann in our prayers anyway.Please keep us informed.


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