Sunday, April 26, 2009

My first real post!

Alright, a bit about my crafting background. I used to be an avid paper scrapbooker...instense, big craft room ect. I got bored, I just got too far behind as I couldn't just scrap some things, I had to scrap EVERYTHING! Well I got into digital scrapping a bit. I still play sometimes, but nothing too big. A few months ago, I started sewing. I haven't really sewn anything since 8th grade home ec, but I really like it. I am very much a beginner but I look forward to getting better!

Here is a shirt I made for DD yesterday!!

It started as a dress, but as usual, i made some mistake and it ended up too small, so I improvised using inspiration from various places, but the overall design is mine. Isn't she cute ?? :)

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  1. Very sweet...and not bad for a'll get there, the more you practice! I remember my first sewing project for my oldest daughter (now 30)...lots of mistakes but SHE never noticed!!!

    Thanks for visiting and for your comment!
    Have a FABulous week!


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