Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pillowcase Dress and Kite Festival

Pillowcase Dress

Despite the name, this dress isn't made from a pillowcase (although you can use one). Most of the things I make DD are more modern, but I wanted to try something old school, like the settlers old school :) I think it turned out cute, and DD really likes it!

Ok, have to share one of this little things my monkey said. She come walking out of her toy room with a purse, dress up shoes, jewerly ect. I asked if she was a princess, she said "No, I'm a mommy, I have a braclet, ring, shoes, purse and a gun in my purse... in case there are birds!"

(Little back story incase you don't know... Dave had to shoot some birds (with a pellet gun) that were pestering us . After he got one, Peyton shouted "Good Shot, Dad!!" LOL

Kite Festival
On Sunday there was a Kite Festival to help raise awareness for child abuse. There were lots of activites for the kids and booths set up with information. The Bikers Against Child Abuse group was there and they gave temp tatoos to the kids, DD loved that! Then at one time everyone flew their kites to represent all of the kids who had died due to child abuse. It was the perfect day to fly kites. Its hard to tell in the picture but those bigger kites were HUGE I haven't ever seen anything like it. It was so cool!

- Oh...and thanks Marcie for letting us know about it!!!

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