Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

My 25th birthday was on Friday! My husband came home from work early so that we could go out. He brought me a yummy cheesecake (MY FAV!) with this adorable card. When I opened the card he read the following to me (he wrote it!!!)
"You might not receive me until mid-next week
But Beaner sure saved a bundle and that's quite a feat.
I see like an eye, not green, brown, or blue,
And I like to blink backwards, odd but its true.

I prefer to see really far and not very near,
But I am really quite fragile, so please do take care

You should know what it is, open this and you'll see,
What I'll do for your camerae and your photography"

How CUTE is he??? By the way, Beaner is a nick name I have had for him since like forever ago! Anyway, if you didn't figure it out, he got me a lens for my camera :) It should be coming soon, I can't wait :) He also printed a picture of the lens and cut it out and put it in the card :)

We also went to see Julie and Julia, which has totally made me want to start some new recipes and things that I haven't done before, so that's exciting too!

So anyway, all and all a great Birthday :)

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