Sunday, August 9, 2009

Little Miss Turns FOUR!!!

My little baby isn't so little anymore :( She is officially a "preschooler"!!! I don't know why, but 4 just seems so much older than 3, much more than a year. We have been so excited planning and preparing for her big Tinkerbell birthday bash and it turned out wonderfully! Including our family we had about 35 people. I can't believe we all fit in our house :)

A fantastaic friend of mine took pictures for me to celebrate this monumental day!

So onto the pictures (and there are still more to come!)

I did take two of her to send to a friend that had to leave early and another who made 2 shirts for Little Miss, I wanted her to be able to see them on!

Thanks Araceli!!

Thanks Lee, Lacey and Brooklyn!!

Thanks Aunt Lisa for my Oregon Shirt!! Woo hoo Go Ducks!

Also, a picture for my Parents of Little Miss putting together the puzzle they sent! She loved it!

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