Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Little Man and Our Fostering Journey

Looking back on the last several posts I see that the majority of my pictures are of Little Miss. I assume that is simply because Bobo is so hard to photograph. He doesn't look when I tell him, he doesn't hold still, or smile on cue... of course its easier to take pictures of a 4 year old than a 14 month old! Alas, it certainly isn't good to have a lack of pictures of my little guy, so I took some this morning. Here are some that were my favorites!

The quality on this one isn't that great, but I love the expression on his face :)

Now, I was thinking about our fostering journey and how I haven't updated the blog as far as where we stand. Our home study caseworker was out of town so it took some time for her to get in contact with us. We have our official walk through and first meeting with her on Saturday. We are excited but nervous. Then she will come and interview the kids and me and then Dave will stop in at Catholic Charities (since it is right by his work) and do his interview there. The caseworker did say that SAHM's are the easiest since you can tackle them and the kids at the same time and she perked right up to learn Dave could just stop by - got her out of making two trips out to our house, which is about 45 minutes each way. She said that moved us up her list.

So that is how things are going with that. We hope to have all of this taken care of by the time we leave for Disney (WOO HOO September 13th!) so that we can come home and get our first placements!

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