Monday, October 26, 2009


So we have been working in the studio trying to keep our minds off other things and our hands busy. It is really coming along! I still have to paint the other three walls and baseboards white and that will be good for the mean time. Once we get a little bit of money, we will be buying two large storage cabinets and putting them where the white drapes are, and all the crap..ehhhmmm i mean, stuff that is there will be put in the cabinets. Oh, and figure out what kind of top I want for the white cabinets, something cheap or free I am hoping, I need to take a look around craigslist and freecycle. Any ideas?
List of what we have done so far...
-Clean out the Garage
-Have the floor stained, then re-stained, then fixed again...still not what I wanted it to be, but it works
- Add an air vent
- Add lighting
- Hang backdrop roll-y thingy
- Paint walls
- Paint Cabinets
Seems simple when its all laid out like that, add a 4 year old and 16 month old to the mix and it gets interesting :) Its been way fun though!! Luckily most of the stuff we used was free or really cheap. The blue paint is leftover from Bobo's room, and the white is from the builder, I traded photography to get the floor done, we got some of the air vent stuff that had been discarded at a local job site. So woo hoo for that!

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