Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to MD Anderson

We heard this several times over the last two days. Welcome?? Ok, I mean I get that they want you to feel good about your stay, but really? Who wants to be welcomed to cancer land?? Anyway... we had a really busy last two days. First, we arrived at the Mays Clinic (part of MD Anderson) and we had to register. We asked how long we would be here yesterday and once she checked she said "all day" grrrr we weren't prepared for that, we also weren't prepared for the fact that we had to be there today also. So here is what our day was like...

12 PM Arrive and Register

1 PM Meet with our nurse and Doctor, they were both a little different, but very friendly. They each took their time to make sure our questions were answered. We were told about the slew of tests we needed to take over the next two days and that our course of treatment would most likely be either one or two rounds of chemo.

2:30 PM Blood Work... we were a little late to this one, no biggie though

3:00 CT Prep

5:00 CT and Chest X-ray... this is where we waited for a long time, luckily my friend Kim came to visit me. Her husband also has cancer and he was finishing up his inpatient stay of his 3rd round of chemo, Kim has been my own personal cancer dictionary/encyclopedia through all of this... this chick has her cancer knowledge together! You can read about her and her husband's journey through cancer here....

Then we finally got to go home! My mother in law decided to take the kids over night to her house since we had to be back this morning at 9. I missed my little monkeys :( but that is part of this process I suppose....

Today we arrived at 9 am for an ultrasound...

9 am, u/s we got there a bit early and they got us in right away. The u/s only took about 15 minutes so we headed to our next appt

9:20- arrived at the MRI place, our appt wasn't until 11:30 but we hoped we could get in early. We waited about 1 1/2 hours and we finally got in!

11 am- They took us back and started Dave's IV we sat there FOREVER and finally asked if we could go get something to eat.. so we did

1:30... after waiting 2 1/2 hours in this little tiny room they took us back for his MRI... poor baby, he sat in this little tube for 45 minutes, I would have been freaking out! He was so brave!

After this we headed home... we will see what the tests say, Dave feels a little sick from all the fluids and things he has ingested or injected ... this is going to be a bumpy ride!!!

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  1. Sounds busy and long! Be sure to let me know the results.


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