Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bobo turns TWO at his Carnival Party!

So I am behind on blogging this....whats new? :) But my little man turned 2 last month!!! :) We had a carnival themed party and it was a blast!!!

A little side note before we begin....
photographs were taken by Zander and Breck Photography
cake was made by Create it with Cake


Most of the party was held indoors, since we live in Texas and his birthday was in June, you just can't keep the kids outside the whole time. The eating and presents were inside and the games were outside. We had a ball toss, bean bag toss, pin the nose on the clown and water balloons. Then to keep the kids cool part way through we did giant pop ice. One of the events that we did that was a big hit was the face painting. I hired our babysitter to come and paint faces as the kids were arriving. We also had popcorn along with dinner and that was the favorite among the parents and kiddos!

The cake was amazing!!! Lisa from Create it with Cake made this adorable Carnival themed cake that matched our decor and really was the centerpiece of the party. EVERYONE loved it... not only did it look amazing, it tasted amazing too! :)

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  1. Looks like a fun party and I love that cake!

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