Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some news :)

First....this post may be TMI for some readers, so skip it if the joys of fertility treatments don't appeal to you ;)

As you all know, my husband went through cancer treatment this past year. Lucky for us we had two great doctors that stressed the importance of sperm banking, which we did before Dave started chemo. And just as we suspected, the treatment has left him (at least temporarily) sterile. We decided to try the IUI (intrauterine insemination) route in March. I have PCOS and have trouble conceiving so we started with me, injections of ovidrel, ultrasounds several times a week and tons of poking and prodding. We went in for the IUI on March 28th. After getting ready for the procedure the doctor told me that almost all of Dave's sperm had died. He said that can happen when there is an underlying condition like Cancer.

We had banked enough for 1 IUI and a few rounds of IVF (invertro fertilization) - which is SUBSTANTIALLY more expensive and invasive. So he said that we had about 100,000 sperm out of the 10 million they suggest for a successful IUI. So we were down to 1% ONE freaking percent of the amount they like you to have. So while tears were streaming down my face we finished the procedure, went home and basically wrote off the whole thing. Two weeks later when i started bleeding we knew it was the end and that we would wait a few years before trying again. It was about 3-4 weeks after that I started not feeling well... thinking it was the flu bug that was going around I ignored it. When it persisted and felt oddly familiar I ran to the dollar store and picked up two pregnancy tests. When both tests came back instantly positive I was shocked and confused. I thought perhaps Dave's sperm count had come back up in the mean time. I called him and he didn't believe me. I made an appt with my Fertility doc and went in. He too though that I must have gotten pregnant in the cycle in between. Typically they do a blood test following IUI but since I had assumed I started my period I cancelled the appt. No sense in going in and torturing myself when I already knew the truth.

Well, we did a blood test and when that came back high for levels of HCG we did an ultrasound and sure enough, I was already 9 weeks pregnant :) My doctor is just amazed.... this simply doesn't happen with the odds that were against us.
We are so excited to welcome this baby BOY into our lives :) We found out a couple of weeks ago that its another boy and we couldn't be more excited!! :) He is due December 19, 2010 :)

Baby Boy at 9 weeks!

Our 16 week ultrasound at Baby Image in Sugar Land. They were fantastic!!!


  1. Truely a wonderful and beautiful miracle!


  2. What a wonderful testament to the power of love, miracles and FAITH. :) You have a beautiful family and I wish you all nothing but the best in life!
    - Joyce

  3. I love the last ultrasound picture! :) Can't wait to be around when you have him! It will get me through the first few months of school- I'm SOOOO looking forward to it!!

    <3 Weesh


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