Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wonderland Jar Cookies

More and more projects for our wonderland party. I haven't done this many crafts in quite some time. I have made large hanging flowers (stemmed from large pom pons) small flower on pipe cleaner stems, I have designed lots of danging charms inspired by this wonderful blog and now comes our "Wonderland Cookies"

I got the idea and the recipe here and took it in a different direction to fit Little Miss's party theme. All of these blogs are so wonderful and I have gotten so many fab ideas. As usual, I'm already thinking of ideas for next years parties before this one is even over! Depending on how my pregnancy and moving situation is going, I hope to host a Halloween party too :)

Anyway, to the pictures... I think these turned out to be super cute. We also made a batch and they are YUMM-O! Also I appologize in advance for the crazy white balance in all of these pictures. My under cab lighting cast a yellow look in the images I will turn them off next time ;)

Ok, here is what I started with. I decided to go with a regular bag of m&ms and seperate them myself since buying them presorted cost about 4-5x as much. I decided to do a two color combo of the colors in each jar omitting brown.


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  1. Those are too cute!! Great work :)



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