Monday, July 13, 2009

No more swim lessons....

So obviously with her broken arm, she can't swim. I called the Natatorium to see what can be done...pretty much nothing, we are just out for the second week of swimming. They said we can come and watch but come on...that is torture for a 3 year old. This broken arm thing is really becoming a pain, obviously for her, but for me too. I talked to her cheer coach and she said she can still come and do practice just the things she can and then skip tumbling days. When she is better, she can double up weeks to catch up. So that is better at least.

Well, here is a video of her last day of swim lessons, jumping off of the diving board :) Ignore my voice again... I really have got to stop talking while videoing :)

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  1. Hi Nena, so sorry to hear about Payton's arm. Do you know they have water proof casts? Yep, they do. And one of our neighbors little girls has one. She has been swimming all summer. Just thought you might want to know.


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