Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bobo is getting SOOO big!

My big boy is growing more and more and doing more and more everyday!!

Here are some new milestones.....

Clapping :) Woo hoo! Also, signing milk, saying "Hi!" Shaking head for no (I think I already mentioned that one) but here they are!!

Hes so cute!!!


  1. Parker si soooo big! Yes, I agree! What a big, little guy. I love his voice, so sweet. Won't Miss Peyton let you take a picture of her in her cast? It is so big and she is so small. gotta go .... Love you, Mom

  2. YOur Parker looks like a hand full of sugar!

    Just stopping by. I was here a few months ago after you stopped by my blog and been wanting to check in again and see what you were up to.

  3. Yay Parker!!! he is so cute and getting so big! Isabella, says "hello" and waves hello and goodbye too, she also says Dada and Nana (johanna), she won"t call me mommy either:(
    i guess its b/c she hears my DH call me Johanna all the time, oh well!


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