Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing with my camera and photoshop...

DH and I bought a digital Canon Rebel a few months ago. I have been dreding learning how to use anything besdies the automatic setting, but kind of pointless to buy a camera with all of these features and refusing to learn how to use them. Its been a lot of trail and error since I'm learning just my reading info online, but its been fun :)

So anyway, these are two pictures I took today, of the flower and of Little Miss. I have been playing in Photoshop to edit the pics, I still have TONS to learn with the camera and photoshop, but I think these turned out pretty good for me :)

Straight Out Of the Camera from my back yard
Edited, the color version

And this other sepia-ish edit

My little tater... straight out of the cameraJust playing with the color and blurring the background...

Have any advice, tips or tricks to share?? Please send them my way! I need all of the help I can get!!

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