Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cheer, Swimming and Uh-ohs- OH MY!

This week has been insane, hot, fun and filled with memories and milestones.

I am teaching a camp this week called "Gym and Swim" meaning it is part gymnastics and part swimming. It just so happens that the camp my daughter is in includes swimming also. So while I was teaching my camp, I was able to be out in the pool with her. I think I mentioned before that she is starting swimming lessons next week. Dave and I have been trying to get her to the pool to get her familiar with it. When we first went, even with her life jacket, she had a DEATH GRIP on us! Well, this week, thanks to her Camp Counselor and babysitter Lauren, she is no longer afraid! I also got her some goggles and a new life jacket called a Puddle Jumper that really seemed to help! When we were all hanging out in the pool, Little Miss decided to just swim off, across the whole pool by herself! I couldn't be more amazed at the difference a few weeks make :) WOO HOO! Go Little Miss!

Little Miss swimming with Lauren!

Little Miss swimming with the volunteer, Alfredo.

The next exciting thing that happened was that Bobo said Uh-oh!! Hes been saying, Uh and oh for a little while but never together. We are finally saying it together :) Also Bobo has gotten 4 molars now..hes been super drooly! LOL I tried to get a video of him saying uh-oh but he wasn't having it! LOL Way to go big boy Bobo!!! Also, the other day we were with my mom group at a local church that has a huge indoor playground. The kids had a blast! I am surprised I got the one picture of Little Miss that I did. LOL She was all over the place :)
Bobo Standing!! Big boy! :)

And the last thing, Little Miss is now doing competitive cheer! If you don't know, this is my first break from coaching since I started over 6 years ago. I have coached both high school and all-star. I had planned on Little Miss starting to cheer about this time or a little sooner, but since I haven't been coaching, it didn't happen. Well, we were able to make it work! Little Miss is now the newest member of Spirit Sport's Show Team :) They compete but don't actually "compete" everyone gets a trophy at this age. She is very excited as am I (Dave insists its more about me than her... but I swear she loves it too!!) This program includes a tumbling class once a week and a cheer class once a week. Yesterday was tumbling. I couldn't get any good shots through the glass, but here are some. And we had some problem wtih the humidity fogging up the lens. lol But anyway, she is loving it!!


  1. Cute pictures but can't you do anything about them growing up while I can't be there. They're missing all the fun.

    P.S. Girls can't go pea in a corner! (see if you can tell which picture I'm referring to)

  2. heey I didnt see that color puddle jumper when I went, what is it? it looks like panda black and white. I ♥ pandas btw. oh Peyton looks so cute in her cheer outfit!

  3. They are so cute!!! I wish we didn't live so far away from each other; Karlie needs a friend!


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