Thursday, June 25, 2009

"But you already have two kids..."

Woo Hoo! We finished our final PRIDE class on Tuesday. We have a CPR/First Aid and Medication Handling class on Saturday, but that is a separate thing. We are turning in all of our final paperwork and PRIDE homework on Saturday so that will finish up our file and we can schedule our homestudy. I am a bit worried about that. I don't really know what to expect. I am sure it will be fine, we don't live in a slum and our house should be up to code since its only 2 years old, but still, anytime you have someone going through all of your personal information and belongings it tends to make you feel violated. I hear that there really isn't any question they won't/can't ask so that should make this interesting!

Its weird, as we go through this process, the things we have learned and the way things have changed. We had originally wanted to foster with eventually adopting, but now we want to adopt as soon as we can. Its weird, thinking about it, but I feel like someone else it out there raising my children. Which they are, and I feel like there are specific children that are out there that are meant for me, and that right now someone else is caring for them... or not caring for them. Being that I am typically a parinod and controlling person when it comes to my children, it makes me fear for them about whatever is going to happen or has happened to them that will land them into foster care.
Now to explain the title. It seems that the typical response we are getting when talking about adoption is "but you already have two kids...." or some variety of that. Its like President Obama put a limit on how many kids we can all have and I didn't get the memo. If I was having another baby I don't think people would react like that. Or maybe not as many.

Another thing that is already striking me as odd are peoples expressions when I tell them HOW we are adopting. We were at my kid's peds office and my doctors office getting our TB tests done (part of the process) when I said we were adopting, both offices' nurses/doctors asked from where (meaning a country) when I told them the foster care system they looked perplexed. It is kind of disheartening. I wish more people were aware of the amount of homeless and foster children there are in most places. Now, I applaud those who adopt abroad, that is fantastic, any form of adoption is, however I feel that there are so many children here in our own area that need a home too and people just don't know or don't care! I know the children I will adopt (yes children, we want to adopt two) will come with their own type of baggage and that baggage isn't as obvious when you adopt a newborn (but it IS still there) but does that make these kids any less deserving of a good, warm, loving home?

These are just a few of the things that we have encountered already in our journey. I can't wait to see what happens when we actually have placements :)

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