Saturday, May 23, 2009


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Nissan Pathfinder,

I was behind you today at a red light of a very busy intersection. I saw your precious little 2 (2 1/2?) year old little girl standing in the back of your car. Mrs. Pathfinder, you turned around and talked to her, oh so sweetly, and you were obviously aware of what she was doing.

Now, while I am certain that this must be because you are without a doubt, the BEST drivers in the state of Texas, I must remind you that you can't control the other drivers on the road. Lucky for you, I am quite the safety fanatic and tend to pay attention as much as possible when I drive. I wasn't doing my hair, talking on my phone, or reading a book like so many distracted drivers out there do. So, for today, your little girl's life was saved. I can't imagine why on earth you would spend 3 minutes putting her hair in that cute ponytail, but can't spend 30 seconds to buckle her into a car seat.

Mr and Mrs. Nissan Pathfinder, I hope to one day run into you again when I have the time to chew you out. Until then, hug that little girl for me.



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