Monday, May 25, 2009

Hot Texas Weather

Its hot here...well of course it is... this IS Texas. But living in the only neighborhood in our area without a pool leaves us to have to get a bit creative :) We bought this little squirt toy at the dollar store and Little Miss loves filling the bucket up with water and using it. And of course, our sprinkler system comes in handy :)

Oh...and a side note. While I love blogging to document the things we do (I figure it will be helpful later since I have a horrible memory) we do love to get comments from the people who read our blog!! Under each post is a "comment" link, click it and leave us some love!!! :)

I wish her eyes were open...but what can you do? I'm lucky she stayed still long enough to get what I did!

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  1. Wow, this explains all the water I saw on your driveway yesterday! Sorry I missed all the fun! :)


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