Thursday, May 21, 2009

That boy that boy is much too much!

A common phrase in my house! I can not keep Bobo out of ANYTHING! He doesn't care if he has 500 toys on the floor, he goes straight for anything hes not suppose to! I don't like my kids in the kitchen when they are crawling. I just think kitchen matter how clean, are gross!

So here we are...just this morning, we've been up for about an hour and hes into EVERYTHING already.

He found a crayon that Little Miss left on the floor. :) I took the next shot JUST as he was putting it in his mouth. I caught it right in time :)

Little MIss eats her breakfast at her little table. For the last few weeks Bobo has decided that he wants cereal too! LOL He terrorizes her on a daily basis! "MOM...Bobo is pulling on my shiirrrtttt!" And a few times he has knocked her cereal onto the floor!
Bobo being occupied for ohhh... 2.3 seconds.Then he's off, passing over his toys to get to the next thing.
As we speak...hes under my feet getting to the computer! How do I get 5 minutes of "peace" to finish posting this blog...

Yeah...exersaucers are priceless!

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