Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe and the Park

Amanda and I took the kids to the park yesterday...after hitting two parks and turning around and leaving due to some questionable people, we decided to go to the park at her neighborhood. The kids had fun! Bobo was too cute babbling the whole time he was swinging, he was really enjoying it!!

Amanda's DD 2 and My DD:)

Amanda's DD 1 :)

Alright, Bobo is at the age where we are starting to give more solids. This weekend we were at Hard Rock Cafe and he was sharing some of the toast from my sandwich. He was inhaling my toast and it started to break off, since he screams anytime you take food away I tried to be sneaky. I gave him one fry for one hand, and one for the other... unfortunatly, this is what happened....

That silly little guy!!!

Here are some more pictures

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  1. Holy cow Parker is getting so big! We really need to make it down there sometime in the next few months before they grow up too much more!


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