Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pat the Potter

Today we went on a playdate with my mom group to Pat the Potter, a clay pot studio near us. We had alot of fun! The kids made little cut outs and turned them into necklaces.

Bobo just hung out...he obviously couldn't care less :)
Here is Little Miss compeltly focased on her project.

Amanda and the girls were there too!The kids playing outside while the clay was baking.

Little Miss with her necklace

Bobo just eating his kix :)

Listening to directions... Good girl :)

And of course the fun couldn't just stop there! Amanda got a flat on the way home :) I had driven to the potter place a different way, but for some reason my gps took me another way home, luckily it led to me following Amanda! She got a flat. There were some trasportation guys that stopped to help us! Woo hoo!

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