Thursday, May 7, 2009

Discovery Green and the ER

Discovery Green is a cool park in downtown Houston. They have a playground, splash pad, they do concerts there etc. Yesterday was hot... so we picked up Dave from work and went to play. I have to say, Bobo enjoyed the water more than Little Miss did. Of course I didn't anticipate getting THIS wet, and didn't bring myself a change of clothes. Yeah, I was wet the whole way home (and in the ER...)

Where did the water go??

So after our fun time at Discovery Green, we wound up here... in the ER. Little Miss was buckling her car seat and she did something funny with her arm and popped one of the small bones out again (Nurse's maid) this happened before when she was like 18 months. It usually stops after they are 2, but can happen up to 5 years old. Typically when it happens once, it will happen again. They did x-rays and the doctor popped it back into place. She was a trooper. And of course she loved the purple popsicle they gave her!

Oh and you can't help but notice Bobo's sunscreen hair!!

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