Thursday, June 18, 2009

Diaper Cakes and Turning One

My neighbor and friend, Marcie had a baby shower 2 weeks ago for her little baby boy Diego who will be arriving very soon! I decided to try to make a diaper cake. I watched a few youtube videos and I think it turned out great! I didn't take a picture of it with the bottom, I forgot. Dh cut a circle out of cardboard and wrapped it in shiny silver wrapping paper (thanks babe!)

But all in all I think these make a great gift! Its practical and cute. Her nursery for the baby is jungle themed so I tied everything into that. Everyone liked it :)

Now... Turning One...

Turning one typically means lots of changes. In our family this includes ditching the bottle. With Little Miss we did this right at one... for Bobo we were a little afraid that he wasn't ready, but I thought that if I didn't just do it, it would be much harder to get rid of later. So, Sunday morning he had his LAST bottle. WOO HOO! With Little Miss, turning One meant being able to turn her car seat to face forward...well once she hit 20 lbs. We won't be doing this with Bobo. His car seat can hold a rearfacing child until 35 lbs (which is typical for convertible car seats) so we will be keeping him backwards until then, or at least until he is close to that weight. For more on my thoughts of car seat safety, go here.

My little baby is becoming my little man. I swear he has grown since his birthday. Something else that came was two new teeth! We thought he might be teething because of the amount of drool he has had, but I didn't see any. (Drool is typically the ONLY sign my kids show when they get new teeth) Yesterday I noticed them though, in the back! One on each side of the top. Big boy!


  1. Very cute diaper cake! And seriously, can you believe how fast time flies with the kiddos? One? Congrats!!!

  2. Yes, the diaper cake you made me totally ROCKS and I think you should make them and sell them on the side... :)

    Congrats on ditching the bottles!



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