Monday, June 1, 2009

Bobo Says "Bye- Bye"

So, I think what they say is true, that your second child doesn't talk as much or as early as your first. Little Miss has been a chatter box since day one, and her vocab now is much higher than your average 3 year old, but Bobo has decided that words are overrated :) As of yesterday, he began waving and saying "buh-bye" at the same time. Sometimes its more "buh-buh" but still, we get the point :)

My little man is getting so big! His birthday is less than two weeks away! Wow, how time flies!

On another note, I have a funny Little Miss quote to share. She informed me a few days that "worms go into a raccoon and turn into a butterfly" At first, I was a little lost, then I realized she was saying cocoon :) Too cute!

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  1. Too cute!! Tyler started talking around 15 months, Karlie not until 18 months, Aiden is 16 months and still really doesn't say much.


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