Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Mystery Bag

Well it appears as if my wonderful husband is a bit blog shy. I had left these few things for him to blog about but he hasn't done it. LOL So here I go....

I learned to recycle gift bags from my mom. Why throw away a perfectly fine bag when you will have to buy another one soon anyway. When we lived in Michigan my parents and I passed this orange iridescent gift bag back and forth a dozen times. It became quite the joke. So, its no surprise that almost all of the gift bags I use were given to me at some point.

I was getting ready for Bobo's birthday and I noticed this gift bag sitting on my dresser. I had just been digging through the bags trying to find one for my friend's baby shower, so I figured I pulled it out then. I put a few of Bobo's gifts in this bag and the tag caught my eye, "5/25/09 Happy Birthday with lots of hugs and kisses! From Moca and Aita" (see picture below). Now this was weird for a few reasons... first of all, it had been written only about a week before and the fact that we don't know anyone named Moca or Aita! I have NO idea where this bag came from. I don't remember getting it in a freecycle batch since we have been doing that alot lately, and we definitely didn't receive it from anyone. Bobo's tonka truck was sitting there, I thought maybe it had been returned or something and a gift bag was stuck to the bottom of it, but we bought that before the 25th. So... anyone know someone named Moca or Aita??? Help us solve the mystery!!! :)


  1. It's not ours! Our gift bag was black with brithday candles all over it... How weird...

  2. Oh yes, I know, the bag was at my house and we filled it up before... I just have no idea how we got it!


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