Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My dream...

It may surprise some that living in suburbia isn't my preference. While I am typically mainstream, my dream of living in a small town on a large plot of land is something that I am holding on to. While I don't want to be off the grid by any means (what would I do without a CVS or Walgreens, LOL) but I do want to live somewhere where there is a sense of community. I don't feel that at all here. There are so many different neighborhoods, no clear definition from one city to the next and most people seem to not have any sense of pride of where they are from.

It bums me out that I haven't taken my kids to a homecoming parade or taken them to a high school football game since we moved here. School and community pride and unity is something that I always felt living in Michigan, but here not so much.
We knew that Texas was just going to be a pit stop on our quest to our forever home, so now we are starting to plan and get ideas on where our next place will be. Dave's job can take us just about anywhere, so we are really open to the possibilities. Some places that we have tossed around have been North Carolina, Colorado and Chicago particularly smaller towns surrounding the major cities in these areas. We miss having 4 season so that is a MUST. We want somewhere where our children have room to run around and where we can have a couple of big dogs and maybe some other animals, where we can ride ATVs and that has room for Dave to store his tools and other "toys". LOL

We aren't packing our bags just yet, we have at least a couple more years here as Dave needs to finish his MBA and we want to find and adopt our future children, but it is something that is being discussed often.
So, any suggestions on locations would be helpful! If there is anywhere you know of that sounds like what we are looking for, bring it on!! :)

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  1. Everything you just described we have here in Nephi, Utah. Just a thought. We really do love it here. Small town yet not too small. Lots of room to run around. We ride our 4 wheeler all over town and in the fields. Everyone seems to go to the football games on Friday night. And there are 4 seasons. You should come visit.

    Sallie Jones


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