Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Fun/Insane/Great WEEK!

This week was one that I was excited for, but dreading at the same time. We had ALOT going on and it seemed to all fall on this week. First, it was my first week of summer camps that I am teaching. I am teaching 4 this summer so this was the first. On top of that, it was our second week of pride classes, one of which was a 4 hour class, instead of 3. Little Miss had her dance recital on Saturday which included two rehearsals, one on Friday and one Saturday morning, and then, of course, Bobo's first birthday. And to top that off, Bobo had a cold all week! So yes, very very busy week in our household! It did leave us with some fantastic pictures though :)

First, Bobo's Birthday... My baby is one. I just can't believe it was a year ago that I was terrified because he was in the NICU, now I'm terrified that he will eat me out of house and home!

Lets start with the cake fiasco! I ordered a cake from Randalls, I went to pick it up and it was HORRIBLE I should have taken a picture... it looked like Little Miss made it... more like Little Miss could have done a better job. She offered me a lower price and I told her I just didn't want it. This put me in a bit of a panic. Dave reminded me of a cute cake we saw at Walmart so I drove all the way back over by our house to see if they had it....they didn't. They had this one below but it was mostly yellow and white. The bakery lady offered to add some blue to make it more boy-ish...well... she didn't lie. She definitely added blue... I felt obligated to buy this mess of a cake simply because I thought that I was out of options. I called Dave and he suggest that I go to Marble Slab and get an ice cream cake... I should have just done this in the beginning. That cake was beautiful! So yeah, the kids ate the mess cake and the adults ate the yummy ice cream cake :)

We were singing Happy Birthday to Bobo and I was trying to keep his hands away from the fire... yeah that didn't last very long. A second after this picture was taken he reached up with his other hand and...

Screaming baby.... I wasn't sure if it was more of the pain or because we all gasped and stopped singing. Either way he was happy once he got his cup cake...

He loved his presents :)

Yes we ate first, the pictures are just in the wrong order :)

Our Birthday Balloon Release. We started this with Little Miss's first birthday as something fun to do. We haven't had anyone email us if they found it, but its still fun :)

Little Miss's Dance Recital...
What a beautiful little mermaid :) They danced to "Under the Sea" from the movie The Little Mermaid. We weren't able to video tape the actual performance, but I taped the dress rehearsal.

Little Miss and her friend

Little Miss and her friends!

Mommy and Little Miss afterwards

Daddy and Little Miss


  1. Happy Birthday Parker!!! Looked like a fabulous day, you are all so gorgeous, love the dance recital too! YAY x x Love Sall

  2. OMG that ice cream cake was SOOOOOOO good!


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