Wednesday, June 3, 2009

PRIDE Classes

Last night we started our first of 8 PRIDE classes (Parent Resource for Information Development Education). I can tell already this is going to be an interesting journey through this process. Just as of last night, I can see that my thoughts and feelings and expectations are changing. For instance, I had subconciously vilified the birth parents of the kids in foster care. Now I can see that there are so many reasons and circumstances that lead up to a person's children being taken into custody.

I can't remember if I said this before, but we do plan to adopt a child at some point in our journey through fostering. We had planned to adopt younger than Little Miss, but now we are thinking that this child that we add to our family may not necessarily have to fit into this little box we have planned for them. I think if we keep an open mind (which the trainer encourages) we could come out adopting a child that is completely different than what we had planned and they could be a perfect for for our family.

My biggest fear, and really one of my only fears, is how I will cope when it is time to send the child home. I know that is a big reason why alot of people won't foster. I simply don't feel that the loss that I will experience is grave enough that I shouldn't offer my love and care for a child in their time of need. I CAN make a difference and I am willing to sacrifice my comfort for them.

I do also want to say thanks to all of those who are supporting us in this decision and those who have donated so many things to us already to help us prepare for these children!


  1. Congrats on starting the PRIDE classes! How exciting! I really enjoyed my classes... and now I just adore the kids I have! FYI- I started believing I only wanted ages 0-3. One child at a time. Now I have a four and six year old sibling set. Could not be happier!

  2. Good luck with your classes. By the way....where is David's post?!?!?! Tell him....I'm waiting.

  3. HAHA right? He definitely needs to get on the ball!!! GRRRR... lol

    Onemorebaby- that is so right. We are already thinking about changing some things :)

  4. This sounds a wonderful idea Nena, your heart certainly has the love to offer I just know it *hugs* Love Sall and Sienna


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